Network Threat Detection

NetFlow Security Analytics

NetFlow Security Analytics Detecting threats and intrusions on your network is an ongoing, evolving process/battle. Keeping up with NetFlow Security Analytics is something we strive for with each rendition of Scrutinizer. Our algorithms were engineered to effectively identify security breaches, suspicious behavior and provide timely incident response. Read below for some of our latest additions.

Integrating NetFlow and SIEMs: Enterprise incident response solutions

If you’re an avid follower of our blogs, then you know that network threat detection using NetFlow analytics is a valuable enhancement to network monitoring.  So then, integrating NetFlow and SIEM solutions takes network security to the next level, combining the ultimate threat detection solution with your existing Security information and event management solution.

What can be exported as a Flow: Use NetFlow v9 or IPFIX?

A month ago I was on a call with a hardware vendor that exports flows and he asked “What else should we be exporting with NetFlow v9?”.   This is a great question and fortunately almost any information observed by the flow exporter or passing through it can be exported in NetFlow v9 or IPFIX. Generally …

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Managed Security Service Providers: Network Threat Detection

Managed Security Service Providers are depending on NetFlow and IPFIX as one of the top 3 enablers for improving network threat detection.  The distributed NetFlow collection nature of this technology allows security teams to gain threat insight into remote areas without actually visiting them.  Most firewalls today including those from Barracuda, Cisco ASA, Palo Alto …

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