Plixer One
Powered by Scrutinizer

See More, Know More, and Be More with Continuous Network Traffic Insights

Unlock the power of NetFlow/IPFIX and leverage your existing IT infrastructure to enhance network performance and security with the Plixer One Platform. Powered by Scrutinizer, our integrated solutions for Network Performance Monitoring (NPMD) and Network Detection and Response (NDR) offer cost-effective options that provide comprehensive intelligence, empowering you to optimize network performance and security with speed and scale.

Plixer One Platform Solutions

Optimize your network performance with Scrutinizer, Plixer’s dynamic monitoring solution. Tap into the proven power of Scrutinizer for comprehensive network visibility and performance analytics across on-premises, multi-cloud, and hybrid environments.

The Plixer One Core Solution includes:

  • Scrutinzer License
  • Supported Flow rates to 40,000 FPS
  • Up to 15 Exporting Devices
  • 1 Collector

The Plixer One Core Advantage

  • 360° visibility across increasingly complex IT environments
  • Rapid identification of network issues, before they impact the business
  • Enhance accessibility and streamline data integration into preferred platforms with JSON API calls for any report

Why Choose Plixer One Core?

  • Time-tested and Trusted: We’ve been innovating and delivering proven, cutting-edge NetFlow/IPFIX-focused technology solutions for over 20 years. IPFIX is a broadly adopted IETF protocol standard, eliminating the proprietary lock-in of other vendor solutions.
  • Real-time Insights: Shift from passive preventive measures to a dynamic approach. Utilize contextual forensic data to support faster issue resolution. Set proactive thresholds and alarming to enable rapid event response.
  • Streamline Traffic Monitoring: Correlate and consolidate traffic flows and metadata into a single database to cut through noise and focus monitoring where it matters most.
  • Frictionless Implementation: No need for intrusive, costly and proprietary network appliances – Plixer’s implementation collects data available directly from your existing IT infrastructure.
  • Increase Efficiency and Reduce Cost: Rapid, accurate, and scalable reporting enables root cause identification to protect customer satisfaction, productivity, and revenue.

The unknown and the uninvited can disrupt your day and can also introduce reputational and financial risks to the business. Plixer One Network is an integrated and efficient NPMD solution that expands on Scrutinizer with advanced network traffic analytics. Ensure business resilience and growth with unparalleled visibility, detailed network insights, and context across on-prem, hybrid, and cloud environments.

The Plixer One Network Integrated Solution includes:

  • Distributed Reporting with Unlimited Collectors
  • Endpoint Analytics
  • Machine Learning (with Network models)
  • Application Performance Monitoring
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Plixer Replicator
  • 24/7 Support

The Plixer One Network Advantage

  • Ensure network availability, scalability, and performance optimization
  • Automated network traffic baselining and anomaly detection
  • Traffic forecasting and capacity planning insights
  • Simplify integration with your monitoring footprint via dynamically generated JSON API report calls

Why Choose Plixer One Network?

  • Accelerate Your Response Time: With centralized telemetry data from across your extended network, identify root causes rapidly, enabling quicker remediation and boosting operational efficiency.
  • Harness Contextual Forensics for Targeted Action: Utilize network data to your advantage by correlating and consolidating diverse network data into one cohesive database. Streamline your traffic analysis, enabling targeted and precise action.
  • Enhance Endpoint Visibility and Security: Delve deep with agentless scanning to spotlight endpoints and identify new, unknown, and potential harmful devices. Enhance asset management and prioritize security strategies with comprehensive endpoint intelligence.

Detect threats sooner and outwit the cybercriminals by harnessing existing data from network, hosts, apps, and users for total visibility. Plixer One Security is a sophisticated solution that tracks activity across your extended IT infrastructure to weed out attackers before they have a chance to cause damage to your business. A non-intrusive network monitoring solution that applies advanced detection techniques, Plixer One Security identifies security risks in real time. Harness existing data from your IT infrastructure for superior breadth and depth of visibility at a cost-effective scale.

The Plixer One Security Integrated Solution includes:

  • Distributed Reporting with Unlimited Collectors
  • Endpoint Analytics
  • Machine Learning (with Security models)
  • FlowPro Defender (with Selective Packet Capture)
  • DNS Monitoring
  • Plixer Replicator
  • 24/7 Support

The Plixer One Security Advantage

  • Enhanced, granular Layer-2 to Layer-7 visibility across increasingly complex IT environments
  • Improved time-to-resolution and security risk mitigation through swift incident detection and response
  • Context-enrichment with Endpoint device profiling
  • Augment investigative workflows with dynamic JSON API report calls

Why Choose Plixer One Security?

  • Swift Detection of Lateral Movement: Quickly identify threats moving server to server or host to host. Dive into historical data, pinpoint root causes, and showcase team efficiency.
  • Neutralize Attacks: Uncover threat actors in real-time, leveraging Plixer’s advanced analytics and detection techniques. Use AI/ML technology to baseline normal behavior, pinpoint anomalies, and strategize effective countermeasures.
  • Become Proactive: Detect pre-breach stages, tune detection technologies to fit your unique needs, align with the MITRE ATT&CK® framework, and respond rapidly for improved time-to-resolution with event correlation, incident timeline visualizations, automated ticketing, and incident workflows.
  • Hone in on Threats with Deep, Clear Visibility: Gain a noise-free, 360° view of your network to quickly identify, prioritize, and respond to critical threats. Resolve issues quickly, correlate diverse IT data, and set dynamic behavior thresholds.
  • Comprehensive Endpoint Insight: Illuminate every device. Measure risk, monitor behaviors, optimize asset management, and all with agentless discovery.

Unlock Your Perfect Solution: A Plixer One Guide

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  • Enhanced UI and User Workflow
  • Host to Host Flow Connection Search
  • “Content” Updates
  • SD-WAN Support
  • Cloud Provider Log Ingestion
  • Open Integration through REST API
  • Advanced Threat Intelligence Feed
  • Endpoint Detection and Profiling
  • Service Now Bi-direction Integration
  • Streaming Support for Customer Data Lakes
  • Forecasting and Predictive Capacity Planning
  • Machine Learning for Network Specific Events
  • Advanced Security Algorithms
  • Machine Learning for Security Specific Events
  • Domain Reputation Checking
  • JA3 Fingerprinting Support
  • STIX/TAXII for Importing 3rd-Party Feed