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What is Deep Network Observability?

Network Observability is the ability to collect, analyze, and activate network data. With network observability, you can easily answer questions about your network. Deep Network Observability takes it a step further by extracting data from other sources interacting with your network to provide actionable insight from your entire IT environment.

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Hidden costs of NDR solutions

If you started to research NDR solutions to any degree, you’ve likely noticed that most vendors use packet infrastructure to monitor, ingest, and analyze traffic for threat activity. Packet analysis is a very popular threat detection method, but it has shortcomings that may not seem obvious at first glance.   For

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Using MITRE ATT&CK® with the Plixer Platform

Any security analyst will tell you that the most challenging part of the job is knowing what to respond to. There is no shortage of alarms or oddities that spark action in a security operations center. Being able to confidently prioritize your efforts is key to keeping your business safe

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River Delta

Adding Endpoint Analytics to Flow Data

When we think about the world of Network Flow data, we usually think within Layers 3, 4, and 5. Typically IP addresses are as close to the endpoint as we get. Sometimes that is good enough, but more often some type of lookup or investigation must occur to figure out

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