Plixer Solutions:

Enhancing Educational Network Performance and Security

In educational environments where academic excellence and student safety intertwine with compliance, Plixer delivers essential network efficiency and security. Our solutions empower schools and universities with the visibility, security, and compliance needed to foster a safe, legally compliant, and conducive learning atmosphere.


Gain full network visibility into every digital interaction, conversation, and device.

Enhance educational experiences and campus operations with in-depth insights that can identify potential threats from both internal and external sources.


Protect sensitive educational data and student information with advanced threat detection and rapid response.

Ensure student privacy and comply with educational data regulations, especially in response to legal requirements related to student activities.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of evolving educational regulations and meet compliance requirements with ease.

Use forensic analysis for context with Endpoint Analytics combined with NAT reports to handle information requests and minimize risks related to compliance.

Predictive Planning

Plan capacity for changing educational needs, technology upgrades, and e-learning expansions.

Anticipate both external and internal network behavior changes to adapt smoothly and support uninterrupted, secure learning.

Anomaly Detection

Quickly identify anomalies that could impact educational quality or campus safety.

Customize alerts with thresholds that meet the specific requirements of educational environments.

Device Discovery and Risk Scoring

Assess endpoint risk to safeguard against internal and external vulnerabilities in educational settings.

Ensure secure operations while catering to the unique device landscape of educational institutions, crucial for monitoring and managing student-related activity and risk.

Cloud Visibility and Detection

Expand visibility into cloud environments, essential for managing educational technology and monitoring student activities.

Securely manage cloud-based educational tools and initiatives, with an emphasis on detecting internal threats, such as copyright infringement or malicious activity, and ensuring safe digital learning.

Policy Validation and Compliance

Align network and security policies with educational standards and regulations.

Efficiently detect and address policy violations to maintain compliance and educational integrity.