Plixer Solutions:

Optimizing Healthcare Networks

In the healthcare industry, where patient well-being is paramount, network efficiency and security are crucial. Our solutions offer healthcare providers the visibility, security, and compliance assurance needed to provide optimal care.


Gain complete network visibility for every transaction, device, and conversation, including EHR systems and diagnostic equipment, with real-time asset and medical device insights.

Enhance patient care and streamline operations, enabling efficient management and location tracking of medical equipment.


Protect sensitive patient data with advanced threat detection and support network segmentation for enhanced security.

Ensure patient confidentiality, comply with healthcare regulations, and adapt quickly to address Shadow IT challenges.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of evolving healthcare regulations and demonstrate compliance with ease, including those related to agentless device tracking.

Reduce compliance-related risks and focus on delivering exceptional patient care.

Predictive Planning

Plan capacity for evolving healthcare needs, including efficient management of medical inventory to avoid over-procurement.

Anticipate changes in network behavior and adapt seamlessly to new healthcare technologies and practices.

Anomaly Detection

Quickly detect anomalies that could impact patient care, including unauthorized devices.

Customize alerts with thresholds tailored to healthcare requirements, ensuring patient safety and operational integrity.

Device Discovery and Risk Scoring

Assess endpoint risk to protect against vulnerabilities, focusing on agentless solutions in healthcare environments.

Maintain secure operations while addressing the specific needs of medical devices and equipment.

Cloud Visibility and Detection

Extend visibility to cloud environments without complexity, crucial for telehealth and digital healthcare.

Securely manage cloud traffic, ensuring reliable support for remote healthcare services.

Policy Validation and Compliance

Ensure network and security policies align with healthcare regulations, including those related to new and unreported medical devices.

Detect and resolve policy violations promptly to maintain industry compliance and patient safety.