Plixer Solutions:
Financial Services

Thriving in the Digital Age

In the fast-paced world of financial services, meeting consumer demands while staying ahead of the competition is paramount. Plixer’s tailored solutions empower financial service organizations with the visibility, security, and compliance assurance they need to succeed.


Gain a complete view of your network to understand every transaction, conversation, and device.

Make informed decisions to enhance operations and customer satisfaction.


Protect sensitive financial data with advanced threat detection and response capabilities.

Detect and respond swiftly to threats to maintain trust and security.

Comprehensive Compliance Management

Validate enterprise policies for seamless compliance assurance.

Align policies with financial regulations, promptly addressing violations and adapting to regulatory changes to ensure seamless compliance.

Predictive Planning

Plan capacity for evolving business needs, infrastructure upgrades, and more.

Prepare for changes in network behavior with predictive insights.

Anomaly Detection

Quickly detect anomalies that could disrupt financial operations.

Customize alerts with thresholds tailored to the financial industry.

Device Discovery and Risk Scoring

Assess endpoint risk to protect against vulnerabilities.

Maintain secure operations while addressing industry-specific device requirements.

Cloud Visibility and Detection

Extend visibility to cloud environments without complexity.

Securely manage cloud traffic and meet the demands of the financial sector.