Plixer Solutions:

Optimize Network Performance and Reliability

Elevate your network’s resilience and performance with our comprehensive Plixer One Network solution.

Digital Experience Monitoring

Achieve end-to-end contextual visibility into every network conversation from layers 2 through 7.

Leverage network insights to optimize application performance and response times.

Conduct root-cause analysis using historical data to ensure an optimal user experience.

Predictive Planning

Confidently plan for capacity changes, infrastructure upgrades, or cloud migration.

Leverage machine learning to create a baseline of network behavior.

Anticipate trends and changes in network behavior to optimize performance and reliability across all operations.

Network Anomaly Detection

Detect traffic behaviors that could lead to network issues, interruptions, or outages early on.

Implement advanced analytics for deeper insights into network traffic patterns and anomalies.

Customize thresholds to ensure accurate alerts for unusual activity, maintaining network integrity.

Cloud Visibility

Seamlessly bridge visibility across on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Ingest flow logs without complex configurations.

Monitor critical cloud infrastructure to proactively identify performance issues.

Policy Validation & Compliance

Align network strategies with business objectives, ensuring policies support performance and reliability goals.

Monitor compliance with network policies through continuous visibility and real-time alerts.

Proactively address policy deviations to maintain network performance and compliance standards.