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The network is the key to managing your digital assets. The network is a critical asset that can tell you about your entire IT environment. By harnessing your existing architecture, you can gain critical data and context to predict performance issues, plan capacity, and ensure optimal user experience with confidence.
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solutions digital experience

Digital experience monitoring

Gain end-to-end contextual visibility into every conversation from layers 2-7. Use AI/ML to proactively plan capacity, and align investments with business needs. Dig into historical forensics to root-cause issues and ensure optimal user experience.

solutions predictive planning

Predictive planning

Plan for capacity changes, infrastructure upgrades, or cloud migration. Use ML to create a dynamic baseline for network behavior. Extend any Plixer report into the future to forecast trends and predict changes to network behavior.

solutions anomaly detection

Anomaly detection

Get early detection of traffic behaviors that may cause network issues, interruptions, or outages. Establish and visualize a dynamic baseline for network behavior. Get alerts on activity that falls out of the usual traffic patterns. Customize thresholds for accurate alarms.


solutions device discovery

Device discovery, profiling & risk scoring

Gauge overall endpoint risk with a concise, aggregated score. Determine the risk of devices by calculating operating-system-related risks, device-related risks, communications-related risks, and risks identified by external endpoint management/security solutions. Endpoint risk scoring alerts you to risky devices and devices that are not on a current OS.

solutions cloud visibility

Cloud visibility and detection

Bridge visibility between on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments. Plixer ingests flow logs without deploying probes or reconfiguring cloud networks. Visualize intra-cloud traffic, as well as traffic entering or leaving cloud environments. Apply security algorithms, machine learning, and Deep Learning to cloud traffic.
solutions policy validation compliance

Policy validation and compliance

Ensure network and security policies are in place and being followed. Gain visibility of established policies and alerts on violations. Determine the best course of action to resolve policy violations.

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