Plixer Solutions:
State & Local Government

Enhancing State and Local Government Network Performance

In state and local government, public service and trust are paramount, network efficiency and security are critical. Plixer’s solutions provide these entities with essential visibility, security, and compliance assurance, enabling them to deliver seamless public services effectively.


Gain complete network visibility to understand every transaction, conversation, and device. 

Enhance public service delivery and operational efficiency with comprehensive insights. 


Secure sensitive governmental data with advanced threat detection and rapid response capabilities. 

Maintain public trust by ensuring data confidentiality and compliance with government regulations. 

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of evolving governmental regulations and demonstrate compliance effortlessly. 

Reduce compliance-related risks and focus on delivering efficient public services. 

Predictive Planning

Plan capacity for changing public service demands, infrastructure upgrades, and digital transformation. 

Adapt seamlessly to shifts in network behavior to maintain continuous service delivery. 

Anomaly Detection

Rapidly detect anomalies that could affect public services. 

Set customized alert thresholds tailored to government operational requirements. 

Device Discovery and Risk Scoring

Evaluate endpoint risk to protect against vulnerabilities in government operations. 

Maintain secure and efficient operations while addressing specific needs of government devices. 

Cloud Visibility and Detection

Extend visibility into cloud environments, simplifying management in government operations. 

Securely manage cloud traffic to support digital transformation and public service initiatives. 

Policy Validation and Compliance

Ensure network and security policies are in line with government regulations. 

Promptly detect and resolve policy violations to maintain industry compliance and public trust.