Plixer Solutions:

Optimizing Manufacturing Networks with Connected Device Integration

In the dynamic manufacturing sector, operational efficiency and productivity are paramount. Our solutions offer vital visibility, security, and compliance to enhance operations and manufacturing excellence in the era of connected devices.


Gain comprehensive network visibility to understand every transaction, conversation, and device.

Enhance operational efficiency by managing both internal and vendor-supported connected devices.


Protect your manufacturing processes and proprietary information against cyber threats targeting connected devices.

Ensure operational integrity and compliance with industry-specific regulations for sensitive manufacturing data.

Compliance Assurance

Stay ahead of evolving regulations in the connected manufacturing landscape.

Minimize risks and maintain high operational standards and efficient production amidst diverse device environments.

Predictive Planning

Strategically plan for production demands and technological advancements in connected manufacturing.

Anticipate network behavior changes for seamless adaptation and consistent production efficiency.

Anomaly Detection

Quickly detect and address anomalies in connected devices affecting manufacturing quality and efficiency.

Customize alerts for operational safety and effectiveness, tailored to manufacturing requirements.

Device Discovery and Risk Scoring

Identify and evaluate risks in your manufacturing environment, including external vendor-owned devices.

Securely manage the diverse range of devices integral to modern manufacturing operations.

Cloud Monitoring and Detection

Extend visibility and control to cloud environments integral to manufacturing processes.

Secure cloud traffic to support critical operations and digital transformation in manufacturing.

Policy Validation and Compliance

Align network and security policies with manufacturing standards, including those for connected and vendor-supported devices.

Quickly address policy violations to maintain compliance and uphold manufacturing safety and quality standards.