Network Traffic Analysis


How to Filter Network Traffic

When it comes to filtering network traffic, a scenario that appears simple in nature can be hard to accomplish at scale. Understanding top talker information or bandwidth trends isn’t really a problem for most traffic analysis solutions—the challenges I encounter revolve around: Proactive network monitoring Sifting through large amounts of data

critical thinking

Asking the Hard Questions: Why Analyze Network Traffic?

There are times when we adults would be better off thinking like toddlers. More specifically, I want us all to go back to the days where we asked incessant strings of questions before our tired parents got us to stop. “Why, why, why?” This mindset helps answer the question, “Why analyze network traffic?” The simplest …

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Xirrus IPFIX Support

Xirrus IPFIX support provides network admins greater insight into what is going on out at the edge. Understanding which devices are creating the most traffic and types of traffic empowers admins to make optimizing tweaks to the networks overall configuration.  Making sure that the critical applications receive priority is paramount.

Scrutinizer v10 Released: Network Traffic Monitoring

We are excited to announce Scrutinizer v10 – our network traffic monitor with several new features.  A few of which are listed below. New Mapping: Multiple connections from the same device, animated links (network ants), dependencies and a newer look and feel. Someone else will blog on these new maps as there is a lot …

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