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Banking Internet Security

Improving Computer Security

Now more than ever banking Internet security is at the forefront of nearly every CIO, CTO and Director of IT employed by a financial institution.  Improving computer security against cyber threats such as advanced persistent threats and DDoS are of paramount concern.  In January, the Washington Post Reported:

“The banks whose Web sites have been disrupted include Bank of America, PNC Bank, Wells Fargo, Citigroup, HSBC and SunTrust. In recent weeks, attackers have targeted up to seven banks a day, but only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.”

The recent storm of DDoS attacks have primarily been a tactic to divert security teams away while millions of dollars are stolen from the banks.  How can you improve your banking Internet security?

DDoS detection is a fundamental traffic pattern that our network threat detection team has learned to identify.  Below you can see an example algorithm which constantly scours flow exports for patterns indicative of DoS and DDoS attacks. Threat Detection with NetFlow is an important component of most flow based network traffic monitoring solutions.

Banking Internet Security

A scalable traffic monitoring solution today includes a range of network behavior analysis as part of the overall architecture.  Flow Analytics™ comprehensive list of built in network behavior analysis algorithms help with improving computer security by observing current traffic patterns and generating alarms when malicious behavior is detected.  Malicious behavior includes, but is not limited to, detecting infected hosts communicating to bot nets, network scans, nefarious activity, excessive DNS look ups, and other Internet threats.

Users can also design custom tailored Flow Analytics™ network behavior analysis algorithms to identify and alarm on any type of traffic.  An example I see setup quite often is when network administrators are looking for rouge DHCP or DNS servers, they will create a custom algorithm that trigger alarms when DHCP or DNS traffic is found that doesn’t involve the appropriate servers.

Our network monitoring solution gives organizations a proactive approach to banking Internet security by providing network and security teams with a comprehensive understanding of what is happening on the network.

Are you using a network behavioral analysis solution for improving computer security?  Contact us and we will gladly setup a trial of our network monitoring solution to meet your needs.