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How Network Data Allows You To Detect DNS Attacks Like The “Decoy Dog” Exploit

In today’s complex cybersecurity landscape, the battle between hackers and defenders is a continuous chess match. Recent revelations about the “Decoy Dog” exploit have demonstrated the value of metadata in understanding and mitigating these evolving threats. For those keen to delve deeper into this threat landscape, I recommend downloading our recent white paper titled “Understanding …

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Why Other NDR Solutions Are So Expensive

If you started to research NDR solutions to any degree, you’ve likely noticed that most vendors use packet infrastructure to monitor, ingest, and analyze traffic for threat activity. Packet analysis is a very popular threat detection method, but it has shortcomings that may not seem obvious at first glance.   For starters, deploying packet infrastructure is …

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How to detect lateral movement with the Plixer Platform

If you are familiar with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, then you know most attackers will follow a general sequence of steps in order to carry out an attack. It’s typically along the lines of gaining entry, performing recon, moving to vulnerable targets, doing bad things, and exfiltrating data.

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How to map MITRE ATT&CK® with Plixer NDR

Sophisticated attacks continue to grow and breach organizational defenses, and they do so without being detected.  Traditional attacks use straightforward methods, such as weaponizing emails in phishing attacks, which direct the victim to a bad domain where malicious actors can compromise or steal important information. If security teams in the organization can detect and identify such …

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What visibility flow data offer

Network and Security administrators have several monitoring protocols available to help provide network insight and security awareness. Today, I’d like to talk about why flow technologies like NetFlow should be top of mind in this discussion.

Preparing for the next threat

It’s safe to say organizations have had their fair share of cyber attacks this past year—from threats discovered early last year with VMware (CVE-2021-21985 and CVE-2021-21972), which provided access to compromised environments and sensitive data, to the Apache Log4j vulnerability, which sent IT professionals scrambling to patch every system that might have a vulnerable release installed. These incidents don’t even …

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When EDR isn’t enough, be glad you have NDR

When tools that were created to help security teams simulate attacks are used by the attackers, you know there’s a problem. But that’s exactly what’s happened in recent news where the Brute Ratel C4 (BRc4) red-teaming and adversarial attack simulation tool was used by nation-state attackers to evade detection. 

3 cybersecurity trends to watch

Businesses are seeing a 50% increase in cyberattacks per week. That’s according to a report from Check Point Research, where companies reported a bump in cyberattacks during 2021. The increase is in line with a year-over-year trend of increasing attacks. Though 50% is a staggering figure, it is only 13% higher than Check Point’s 2020s findings.