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Scrutinizer SaaS Deployment


Let’s talk about the cloud for a minute. A majority of IT infrastructure has been moving to the cloud over the last few years, and for good reason. The cost-saving benefit, ease of administration and space reduction are all good reasons to move your internal applications to the cloud. This movement of offloading hardware to the cloud has started what I lovingly refer to as the $_aaS movement. Most are aware that nearly any application can be hosted as a service, but I want to talk about hosting your network monitoring solution as a service. That’s right, Plixer has a Scrutinizer SaaS deployment option!

If you weren’t already aware, Scrutinizer is a best-in-breed flow and metadata collection platform. Traditionally monitoring solutions, like Scrutinizer, have been hosted on premises as either dedicated hardware or a virtual appliance. There are of course pros and cons with either approach, but I’d like to focus on the benefits of moving to a SaaS deployment model.


From firsthand experience, I can safely say that a lot of IT operations have team members ‘wearing multiple hats.’ Deploying Scrutinizer as a SaaS saves your team from worrying about hosting and infrastructure, allowing more free time to analyze the data collected.

Cap-Ex Free

SaaS deployments can also cut out the ever-growing, cost of hardware. With the SaaS subscription-based model, you pay as you go. This helps to cut down on capital expenditure planning and relying more on operational budgets.

Managed Software Updates

Considering that we already have a closet full of different hats, not having to concern myself with software or system updates is a HUGE plus. Scrutinizer SaaS is a fully managed appliance, helping to make available valuable IT staff time and money. No more phone calls or emails claiming that your solution is out of date! Your appliances will now always be on the latest release.

Increased Collaboration

Assuming your IT department has more than two employees, team collaboration should be a top concern. Cloud based monitoring solutions reduce the amount of internal resources required for teams to work in unison. Team members, especially those who are remote, no longer need to rely on a VPN session and can share and analyze data easily and securely across a cloud-based platform.


The Scrutinizer SaaS deployment, as with most cloud deployments, is scalable to fit your growing IT infrastructure. With SaaS deployments being very flexible, it’s also incredibly easy to add resources to an existing appliance, deploy additional collection points, and set up secure tunnel communication between your internal network and your cloud environment.

With all this great information waiting to be collected and analyzed, the only question left is how would you like to evaluate Scrutinizer? Visit us here and request your evaluation copy of Scrutinizer, just make sure to select the SaaS offering!

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