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Plixer recognized as Most Innovative NDR vendor by Cyber Defense Magazine

Global InfoSec Awards for Winner

Plixer has been recognized by Cyber Defense Magazine’s 2021 InfoSec Award as the Most Innovative in Network Detection & Response. This award acknowledges Plixer’s continued evolution of our industry-leading NDR platform.

NDR is gaining traction as enterprises address security challenges in the face of network blind spots and increasing volume of alerts. By taking a network-wide view, Plixer identifies anomalous behaviors faster, improving your ability to detect and mitigate threats while reducing dwell time.

Here are just a few areas where we’re innovating our NDR platform: 

  • Retain network conversation data for as long as you need it. With dwell time of advanced threats extending into months and years, the only way to understand the full scope of a compromise is through long-term data retention to reconstruct these attacks. 
  • Plixer Security Intelligence includes over 100 different unsupervised machine learning models, enabling you to customize detections to your environment. The most common models are automatically enabled out of the box, simplifying the install while still giving you the ability to tailor to your unique requirements. 
  • Supervised machine learning capabilities provide additional detections; together with our unsupervised machine learning and advanced security algorithms, they deliver a comprehensive suite of security analytics.
  • View anomaly detail by hosts to see additional context, including all the device profiling information generated in Endpoint Analytics

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