Endpoint Analytics

See and understand every device on the network with Endpoint Analytics, a built-in component of Plixer's platforms. 

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Discover all the devices on your network to assess security and performance risk.

View of the Endpoint Analytics tool in the Plixer platform

Endpoint Analytics gives IT, network, and security operations teams deep visibility and tight control over network endpoints (PCs, mobile devices, VMs, IoT endpoints, etc.). Gain real-time insights into device identity, location, and behavioral data, as well as the ability to identify and support threat response. This helps organizations track assets, strengthen security and compliance, and mitigate risk.

Endpoint Analytics allows you to:

  • Automated device discovery, onboarding, and risk assessment
  • Gain real-time visibility into device identity, location, and behavioral information
  • Ensure high scalability and availability of endpoints
  • Authenticate devices, segment networks, and institute granular network access controls
  • Improve compliance with data privacy regulations
  • Correlate endpoint events with network and security incidents

Critical endpoint context

Device discovery and profiling

Get agentless device discovery. Plixer gathers data about all the devices on your network—including desktops, laptops, servers, wireless devices, IP phones, IoT devices, and more—and provides critical data about those devices, such as MAC address, IP, location, OS info, and more. Device discovery and profiling provide teams with a quick view of how devices move and behave on the network.

Device risk scoring

Automatically assess and determine endpoint security risk. The score is an aggregate of four distinct vulnerability scores: operating-system-related risks, device-related risks, communications-related risks, and risks identified by external device management/security solutions. When investigating potential threats or active incidents, teams can use the risk score to accelerate response times.


Compliance inventory control

Identify devices connected to the network and update the hardware asset inventory. Maintain an accurate and up-to-date inventory of all technology assets, even if they disconnect from the network. Record and track network address, hardware address, machine name, data asset owner, and department for each asset and whether the hardware asset has been approved to connect to the network.


Identify shadow IT and rogue devices

IoT, BYOD and the expansion of devices on the network have made it more difficult to fully manage IT on the network. Endpoint Analytics shows you all endpoints on the network and tracks their behavior in a way point in time tools or manual inventory management cannot. Use historical forensics to determine the impact and potential risk of shadow IT on your network.


Endpoint onboarding

If your organization has quickly grown or recently merged with another business, managing the totality of devices on your network can be suddenly impacted. Endpoint Analytics allows you to identify those new endpoints and build an inventory of managed and unmanaged assets.

Outsource verification

If you're paying licensing costs based on the number of vendor devices, ensuring you're properly using those services and tracking the actual number of in-use licenses is important. Easily track and confirm devices to keep licensing contracts and costs in check.

Resolve issues faster with endpoint visibility


Microsoft Defender integration

For users of Microsoft Defender, teams can enhance their endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities by combining it with Plixer's device discovery, profiling, and risk-scoring capabilities. With this integration, security teams can isolate devices that need closer monitoring or that require a response.

Tenable.io integration

Teams that use Tenable.io can augment Tenable’s network vulnerability scans by matching vulnerability and risk data with device discovery and profile data from Plixer. Likewise, the data gathered from Tenable informs Plixer’s device risk scoring. The integration also allows customers to switch easily between the two products.


Open API

Plixer's platform supports a JSON-RPC API and a REST API to enable bidirectional communications with other commercial or internally developed applications. In addition, organizations can forward Endpoint Analytics events to external systems such as SIEM solutions or IT operations solutions for enterprise-wide monitoring and management.

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Endpoint Visibility Gap

The devices on your network are the most vulnerable to compromise. Despite this being a known issue, many organizations continue to struggle to find the right tools and controls to keep endpoints secure. 

Learn how to use your network to secure your endpoints and uproot threats before damage occurs. 


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Enriching network flow data with endpoint, application, and user intelligence allows you to see your entire IT infrastructure. Advanced AI/ML gives you the context necessary to spot and stop problems fast.

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