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More than NDR, this is Deep Network Observability to protect your business

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Confidently detect, investigate, and respond to cyberthreats

Stop threat actors in their tracks and keep your business protected

Does your existing tech stack really understand what’s happening? Too often we rely on point-specific or niche tools to provide security coverage to the enterprise. But IT environments are too decentralized, abstracted, and dynamic for this level of segmented visibility. You need wide visibility and contextualized data that helps you see the big picture.

The Plixer Platform

Always be a step ahead

  • Complete visibility and context of your IT environment
  • Data you need, when you need it
  • Detect sophisticated threats, faster
  • More efficient investigation and responses

See more. Know more. Solve more.

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Lateral Movement Alarm
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Detect and respond to lateral movement

Quickly stop costly threats, prove your team’s success, and get credit.

Immediately identify a threat moving from server to server, host to host, host to server, or in the data center. Dive into historic data to root cause and report on impact.

Crush command & control communication

Expose threat actors who have taken control of your network with compromised your network with malware by investigating covert communication using the latest detections. 

Establish a dynamic baseline for normal network behavior with AI/ML. Quickly see when compromised devices begin to act on commands sent from a threat actor and plan your response with detailed forensics.

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PSI Command Control Web
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MITRE ATT&CK visualization
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Stomp out data exfiltration

Prove the proactive value your team provides in protecting company data, revenue, and reputation.

Detect data collection and staging prior to exfiltration. Map events to the MITRE ATT&CK® framework to swiftly investigate and respond.

Gain comprehensive visibility

See and understand the security of our enterprise at a glance. Investigate and solve issues in a few clicks. 

Collect and contextualize network, device, and application data from complex IT environments. Establish dynamic baselines for normal behavior with transparent and tunable ML.

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Detail behavior report
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Endpoint Analytics view
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Endpoint discovery, profiling, and risk scoring

See and understand every device on the network. Discover vulnerable endpoints and track behavior across your IT environment.  

With agentless device discovery, you can uncover shadow IT, automate asset management, and more. Within a few clicks, you can assess and prioritize endpoint management with confidence. 

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Detect, investigate, and respond to threats faster with a complete view of your IT environment. Set up a demo to see how deep network observability allows you to protect your business.

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IT security made easy

product flexible deployments
Flexible deployment

Easy and flexible deployments for on-prem, cloud, or hybrid environments.

product fast results
Fast results

Leverage your existing infrastructure to gain critical intelligence upon deployment. 

product scale
Scale without limits

Expand your IT environment and digital growth without fear of visibility gaps.  

product seamless integrations
Seamless integration

Build a best of breed security framework through integrations with your existing tools. 


Plixer vs Stealthwatch

Plixer gives a level of Deep Network Observability and early threat detection not achievable with Cisco Stealthwatch. And Plixer comes in a cost-effective package that’s easier to manage, deploy, and scale.

Learn how Deep Network Observability with Plixer compares to Cisco’s NDR solutions. 


Don't miss a thing.

Enriching network flow data with endpoint, application, and user intelligence allows you to see your entire IT infrastructure. Advanced AI/ML gives you the context necessary to spot and stop problems fast.

Learn how you an detect sophisticated threats, whether it’s malware, ransomware, insider threats, and more.