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Cisco ASA v8.4(5) Advanced Reporting Webcast

The latest software update to the Cisco ASA v8.4(5) dramatically changed the way vendors report on NetFlow and NetFlow Security Event Logging (NSEL).   This webcast will explain the changes in the export that bring additional value to your business.  Topics covered include:

  • The specific changes that v8.4(5) brings to the NetFlow export
  • How to leverage the NSEL events (e.g. denied flows) in NetFlow reports
  • Correlating NSEL with the syslogs exported by the ASA to uncover malware
  • Leveraging contextual information to gain insight on:
    • URLs visited to specific web sites
    • Usernames of those involved
  • The impact of ACL changes on flow volumes
  • Network Address Translation reports
  • Determining what ACLs are denying flows and why
  • Best practices for detecting bots and advanced persistent threats
  • Guide lines on proper cleanup of infected machines
  • Application Performance Monitoring using NBAR
  • How all this will impact your company’s ability to:
    • Scale the flow collection due to the richer details and more verbose flow volumes
    • Perform audits and verify that they meet the needs of regulatory compliance (HIPPA, PCI)
  • Additional security suggestions

“By leveraging data from the Cisco ASA companies are able to take a more intelligent approach to security and gain piece of mind that network resources for business applications are not being compromised.  They can also ensure that high priority applications trend with the least amount of latency.” Marc Bilodeau – Founder and Vice President, Plixer

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Date: Dec 13, 2012

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