Plixer announces support for multi-vendor SD-WAN visibility

Scrutinizer is the first solution to deliver multi-vendor SD-WAN monitoring for true end-to-end visibility across the LAN, SD-WAN, and cloud.

Kennebunk, ME, September 30, 2019 – Plixer, the company that enables security and network teams to effectively collaborate and solve real-world challenges, today announces multi-vendor SD-WAN visibility available within its network and security intelligence platform, Scrutinizer. Supported vendors include VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, and Viptela (now part of Cisco).

SD-WAN improves application performance, lowers WAN costs and provides richer WAN performance data that can be leveraged by an end-to-end perspective. Scrutinizer provides end-to-end visibility at the greatest scale on the market, extending from the user all the way to the cloud. It provides a single pane of glass to proactively monitor and secure every network conversation. Customers measure performance metrics and gain historical context to identify and resolve user experience problems across the entire enterprise.

“SD-WAN growth and adoption rates are exploding,” said Jeff Lindholm, President and CEO of Plixer. “Scrutinizer excels at collecting multi-dimensional telemetry from existing multi-vendor network infrastructures and cloud deployments to detect, visualize, report, and respond to network and security incidents. SD-WAN support has now been added to deliver true end-to-end visibility from the user all way the way to the cloud.”


  • End-to-end visibility
    Meeting your organization’s user experience goals requires end-to-end visibility. Scrutinizer monitors and reports on both the LAN and the SD-WAN to provide a single contextual view.
  • Monitoring traffic paths across the SD-WAN
    SD-WAN dynamically changes traffic patterns to optimize application performance. Scrutinizer allows you to monitor this and understand whether the business is achieving the desired result.
  • Proactive notification of topology changes
    When SD-WAN is working, user experience is consistently good, even in face of critical failures. Scrutinizer proactively provides crucial notification of topology changes caused by performance problems all along the application path.
  • SLA monitoring and assurance
    Scrutinizer’s end-to-end visibility allows organizations to quickly determine root cause to be on premise-, service provider-, or cloud-related. This eliminates baseless finger-pointing and improves time-to-resolution.
  • Third-party visibility into SD-WAN performance
    Verify application performance improvement, measure ROI, and gain trust through independent monitoring of the SD-WAN environment.

SD-WAN integration with Scrutinizer not only delivers proactive notification of policy changes that alter traffic patterns, but also provides details on the reason why the policy change occurred. It is only possible to truly manage your business-critical environment when visibility extends beyond the SD-WAN to include the entire path of the application experience.

“With VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud, we are disrupting the traditional WAN with software defined network control that delivers transport independent agility, performance and visibility to any hybrid cloud destination”, said Steve Woo, senior director Product, VeloCloud business unit at VMware. “We are very pleased to have Plixer as an ecosystem contributor to provide mutual customers with application and traffic visibility extending from the mobile edge, through the SD-WAN, all the way into the cloud. This combined solution allows VMware customers to optimize user experience for applications being accessed from datacenter, cloud and multi-cloud.”

Scrutinizer is the only platform that provides multi-vendor support for the leading LAN and SD-WAN vendors. That, combined with its distributed collection capabilities, makes Scrutinizer ideal for large, complex, and multi-vendor environments. Scrutinizer stands out with the industry’s highest scale, richest data context, and fastest reporting.

About Plixer
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