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A Conversation with Scott Hoeppner: Binghamton University’s Solution to Better Network Visibility & Security

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Here at Plixer, we are redefining what it means to know your network. Today’s networks are becoming infinitely more extensive and dynamic as data grows. We are proud to provide our customers with an unparalleled blend of insights and security. As the Director of Customer Success, I take great pride in experiencing firsthand the transformative impact our technology can have. What truly excites me is when we get the chance to hear how our solutions come to life through the experiences and words of a customer. 

Customer Success: Not Just Enablement, But a Strategic Partnership 

At Plixer, we believe in empowering our customers and forging strategic partnerships. The Plixer Customer Success program was meticulously crafted to optimize the value of your investments and evolve with your business, helping you anticipate and master the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. 

Consider the success story of Binghamton University, a valued higher education customer. Their ongoing commitment to maintaining a dynamic IT infrastructure is critical in supporting their diverse community of students, faculty, and staff. Through our partnership, Binghamton has leveraged Plixer’s solutions to enhance operational capabilities, ensuring a seamless experience across campus networks. 

Value and Opportunity 

Binghamton University has relied on Plixer’s solutions to maintain a robust IT infrastructure critical to its large and diverse user base of students, faculty, and staff. 

Recently, our team sat down for a conversation with Scott Hoeppner, Assistant Director of Network Administration & Operations at Binghamton. He shared how critical network stability and security are for their vast user base. He was particularly impressed with how Plixer transformed their operations, noting, “The ease of setup and immediate value delivery we saw from Plixer exceeded our expectations.” 

This reflects Plixer’s commitment to not just meet but exceed client expectations by delivering immediate, impactful solutions that address complex challenges in network management and security. 

Enhanced Visibility and Security 

Plixer’s solution offered Binghamton University unparalleled visibility and control, which Scott found transformative. He highlighted how, before Plixer, the lack of visibility hindered their ability to monitor traffic effectively and manage security threats. With Plixer, they achieved “detailed insights that expedited troubleshooting and issue resolution in record time,” enhancing their operational efficiency and security posture. 

Looking Ahead 

Looking forward, Scott is optimistic about the role of Plixer’s advanced capabilities in aligning with Binghamton University’s evolving network and security strategies. He sees Plixer as pivotal in supporting their future needs, especially as they aim to implement sophisticated security objectives like zero trust and network segmentation.   

Why This Matters 

Our experience with Binghamton University exemplifies what Customer Success should be—a continuous journey of discovery, improvement, and partnership. It demonstrates how Plixer supports and actively enhances our client’s operational and strategic capabilities. 

Interested in learning more about how Binghamton University leverages Plixer for enhanced network management and security? 

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