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Expanding Horizons: Scrutinizer’s Latest Release Deepens Visibility from Core to the Cloud 

In an ocean of data and interconnected devices ranging from physical and virtual networks to the cloud, ensuring complete visibility and monitoring of your IT environment is challenging. With Plixer’s latest Scrutinizer release, we are taking a step towards simplifying your network management experience. 

Enhanced Cloud Visibility 

  • Plixer has elevated its cloud visibility solution with enhanced AWS and Azure log support to Improve AWS VPC Flow Log collection performance by 35% 
  • Support Azure Log ingestion  

This isn’t just an upgrade to ensure an unfragmented, granular view of every conversation flow across cloud and on-premises environments, it’s a transformative step that future-proofs your business in an ever-evolving digital landscape.   

Streamlined Traffic Monitoring  

Plixer has enhanced Scrutinizer’s Flow Analytics Configuration with a streamlined algorithm management process that balances between threat detection and operational efficiency.  

  • Improved Flow Analytics setup that includes four predefined Security and Exporter Groups that can be tailored to ensure a customized, responsive security posture 
  • Significant noise reduction with the addition of Exclusion Groups like Public Wi-Fi, DNS Servers, Scanning Servers, and SNMP Pollers to ensure precise and focused threat detection and response 
  • Detection and correlation of threats like DDOS attacks and port scans to ensure multiple incidents against a host are not isolated incidents but part of a comprehensive, navigable data landscape

Scrutinzer isn’t just a tool; it’s an extension of your NetOps and SecOps, providing unparalleled visibility and insights through cost-effective, scalable solutions. 

Enhanced Network Safeguards  

Go beyond network management – take full command and harness the power of enhanced workflows and personalized ML configurations to navigate the complexities of cybersecurity threats confidently. 

Plixer’s Machine Learning (ML) engine makes it easier to tackle cybersecurity challenges and fortify your network security. Our flexible platform offers tailored ML configurations to meet your distinct organizational needs.  

  • Define ML dimensions and specialized ML applications 
  • Choose from pre-baked options like HTTPS and DNS to fortify against common threats right out of the box, or design your ML applications  
  • Set ML inclusions to target specific hosts/exporters for effective and efficient monitoring 

Streamlined Security Oversight  

Scrutinizer’s advanced event investigation workflow has been updated to streamline security oversight and simplify event investigation.  

  • A refined Policies view offers clarity and reduces visual noise while automatically flagging critical aspects 
  • Easily access artifact and event details for actionable insights 
  • Refine alarm filters to zero in on ATT&CK violations associated with specific hosts, enabling a more precise and efficient approach to investigation and mitigation 

Effortlessly navigate through event investigations and benefit from heightened visibility and precision control, all while maintaining resilient and actionable security postures. 

Elevated Threat Hunting Capabilities  

Unlock next-level threat-hunting proficiency with the advanced workflows, improved UX, and tactical functionality introduced in the latest version of Scrutinizer. 

  • An upgraded Alarm monitor provides deeper insights, amplifies visibility, and enriches analytical capabilities to enable more robust threat detection 
  • Advanced filters offer multiple perspectives for precise evaluation of network activities 
  • Enhanced reporting and visualizations to streamline and declutter investigative workflows 
  • Enriched metadata integrates Endpoint analytics and Risk scores directly into the UI to broaden the scope of host details. 
  • A new Traffic Tab offers a comprehensive perspective of your host’s activities and empowers swift assessment, analysis, and response in any network scenario. 

Experience the Future of Network Monitoring 

Welcome to the future with Scrutinizer’s latest release! At Plixer, we’re committed to evolving alongside the needs of Network and Security Operations Teams. We’re excited to invite you on a transformative journey with improved network visibility, real-time efficiency, and enhanced threat detection.

With the integration of Azure Flow Logs, streamlined reporting and management workflows, and innovative visualizations, Scrutinizer is your strategic ally in navigating complex network operations. 

Plixer’s dedication to supporting all metadata flow versions safeguards your investments, ensuring smooth navigation through the vast sea of data and connected devices. Unleash your network’s full potential with Scrutinizer and navigate the future of network monitoring with confidence and precision.  

Join us and experience the future of network monitoring, where clarity meets precision, and innovation propels your network towards unparalleled heights.