Microsoft email reporting solutions are an important proactive responsibility that is often not addressed in many companies.

Who are the top email senders and receivers?
What are the top domains sending or receiving emails?
What are the top email subjects and who is involved with these emails?

The answers to these questions can be found in Mailinizer.

Mailinizer is an email reporting solution that installs as a client on the mail server and provides detailed analytics on the messages being sent and received by the Microsoft Exchange mail server.

Similar to how NetFlow exports communication details on a router, Mailinizer uses IPFIX to treat email conversations like flows. Mailinizer exports details about each email received by the mail server.

One of the keys to reporting is filtering. Good filtering allows you to narrow in on the data you need to investigate specific issues. Utilizing these flow exports and our Advanced NetFlow and IPFIX reporting engine, Mailinizer provides the reports you need to ensure better security, business continuity, and at the same time improve Exchange organization performance.

Nothing filters like Scrutinizer when mining email data and reporting for Microsoft Exchange.

Canned reports include, but are not limited to:

  •     Senders by message and order by count or size
  •     Receivers by message and order by count or size
  •     Domains (sending and receiving) and order by count or size
  •     Conversations (Sender to Receiver) and order by count or size
  •     Conversations with Subject (Sender to Receiver) and order by count or size
  •     Popular Email Subjects and order by count or size
  •     Email Volume and order by count or size

Email tracking to identify specific account activity or delivery issues has never been so comprehensive.

So what kind of overhead can you expect to see on the Exchange server from the Mailinizer client?

Let’s take a look at what we have found.

While under a heavy load, the Mailinizer process is at 7% of CPU and 13MB of memory use.

CPU Usage Of Mailinizer Process Email Usage Report-Mailinizer Sending Heavy Email Volume

Do you have the visibility that you need to fully monitor and analyze your mail traffic?

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