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Cisco NetFlow Partners

More and more companies are choosing our NetFlow solution because we have become one of the preferred Cisco NetFlow Partners for delivering the reporting and analysis needed on all of the unique Flexible NetFlow (FNF) exports provided by Cisco.  We were the first vendor certified and listed on the Medianet Systems Management Partners page.   We were also the first and only vendor to support Cisco TrustSec, Smart Logging Telemetry and Performance Routing (PfR) and have done several joint NetFlow webcasts with Cisco.

Cisco NetFlow Partners

“Plixer’s Flexible Netflow-based reporting on the PfR performance measurements allows our customers insight into the performance of their business critical applications, link loads, and brownouts in the network,” said Pritam Shah – Manager Software Development: Medianet Video Monitoring & PfR

Cisco Performance Routing Support

Our NetFlow and sFlow analyzer is helping many companies expand the boundaries of flow technologies into areas such as Application Performance Management which often includes monitoring virtual machines and cloud services.  How do we do it?

We did it by making our collection sub system flexible enough to handle anything that NetFlow or IPFIX can fire at it.   Our sFlow, IPFIX and NetFlow solution can deliver reports on elements containing details such as URLs, packet loss, latency, jitter and much more.  There is no limit to what we can report on when it comes to flow technologies.  This is partly why Cisco often chooses our company when they are about to embark on a new FNF export. So, what’s next?

The flow market is changing and our NetFlow and IPFIX solution must evolve to meet the demands of new types of flow exports.