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How to map MITRE ATT&CK with Plixer NDR

Sophisticated attacks continue to grow and breach organizational defenses and they do so without being detected.  Traditional attacks use straightforward methods, such as weaponizing emails in phishing attacks, which direct the victim to a bad domain where malicious actors can compromise or steal important information. If security teams in the organization

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How cybercriminals are using ML and how to combat it

You and I both know that AI is all the buzz today. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is quickly fueling the evolution of today’s high-octane environment.  Being able to effectively monitor and manage today’s cyber threats is a monumental task. Every day I talk to people whose pain points are similar. They

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What visibility flow data offer

Network and Security administrators have several monitoring protocols available to help provide network insight and security awareness. Today, I’d like to talk about why flow technologies like NetFlow should be top of mind in this discussion.

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