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3 Factors When Considering a Network Detection and Response Platform

It’s a cliche at this point to discuss the “ever-evolving threat landscape”. Cliché or not, the fact remains that attackers continue to become more sophisticated. Today’s threats show that legacy detection is insufficient, and behavior-based detection is critical. A Network Detection and Response (NDR) platform is a key component of

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3 cybersecurity trends you should pay attention to

How prepared for an attack are you? The most recent Microsoft Defence Report found volume of password attacks has risen to an estimated 921 attacks every second. The rise of cyber attacks and data breaches has made it imperative for organizations to invest in robust cybersecurity measures. The threat landscape

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DNS filtering in the Plixer platform

At its core, DNS is what makes the internet work. Without it, everyone would need to remember the IP address of every website they wanted to visit, and content delivery networks would work because their anycast approach to IP would prevent dynamic association when a request is made to the

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Exploring NPMD use cases with the Plixer Platform

When it comes to NPMD, there are an incredibly large number of use cases the Plixer Platform can solve. During my time as a Sales Engineer, the most common use case I encounter is bandwidth monitoring or a more generic network troubleshooting. However, there are plenty of other use cases

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How to detect lateral movement with the Plixer Platform

If you are familiar with the MITRE ATT&CK framework, then you know most attackers will follow a general sequence of steps in order to carry out an attack. It’s typically along the lines of gaining entry, performing recon, moving to vulnerable targets, doing bad things, and exfiltrating data.

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How to map MITRE ATT&CK® with Plixer NDR

Sophisticated attacks continue to grow and breach organizational defenses, and they do so without being detected.  Traditional attacks use straightforward methods, such as weaponizing emails in phishing attacks, which direct the victim to a bad domain where malicious actors can compromise or steal important information. If security teams in the organization

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