Plixer Unifies Security and Network Visibility With New FlowPro Probes and Real-Time DDoS Detection

New solution lowers cost, reduces complexity, and improves security.

Kennebunk, ME, January 22, 2019 – Plixer, the company that solves real world security and network operations challenges, today announced the release of new FlowPro probes, as well as real-time DDoS detection within Scrutinizer. These new products and capabilities further demonstrate Plixer’s continued commitment to delivering security and network intelligence all from a single platform.

The new FlowPro series supports both Defender and Application Performance Management (APM) licenses on the same appliance (virtual or hardware), delivering security and network visibility from a single probe. This eliminates the need for both security and network operations teams to evaluate, purchase, implement and manage different products from multiple vendors.

FlowPro now provides deep packet inspection, application fingerprinting, application performance, and visibility from Layer 2 all the way to Layer 7. It also offers the ability to monitor DNS traffic to identify the fully qualified domain name for encrypted web traffic, protocol anomalies, and malicious activity. This single platform enables NetOps to efficiently manage and optimize the network, while simultaneously enabling SecOps to lower risk, gain data context, and respond faster to incidents.

FlowPro Defender Security Benefits:

  • Detect abnormal behavior and security threats
  • Monitor DNS traffic to catch malware and botnets
  • Identify malware that uses C2 communications
  • Visualize encrypted web traffic destinations

FlowPro APM and Network Management Benefits:

  • Increase visibility where metadata is not exported
  • Monitor performance with Layer 7 precision
  • Achieve faster fault isolation and MTTR
  • Visualize traffic and applications across your entire network

Plixer is also announcing new real-time DDoS detection within Scrutinizer, its security and network intelligence platform. DDoS attacks have become a significant threat to organizations of any size. The rise of globally distributed IoT-based botnets used by bad actors and nation states has dramatically increased risk. In addition, DDoS-for-hire web sites allow anyone to target and disrupt any organization they want.

In order to minimize disruption, revenue loss, and customer dissatisfaction, it is essential to monitor all network traffic to quickly detect an attack. Scrutinizer provides end-to-end visibility of every network conversation and now provides real-time detection of DDoS attacks, whether the attack is volumetric-, application-, or protocol-based. When an attack is identified, Scrutinizer can export the required information for a mitigation platform to scrub the attack data.

Real-Time DDoS Benefits:

  • Detect DDoS attacks in real time and export the information required for mitigation systems to scrub the attack traffic
  • Minimize loss of revenue associated with downtime caused by the attack
  • Improve ROI by delivering real-time DDoS detection integrated into a single network and security intelligence platform

“We are very pleased to announce the release of our new FlowPro probes and real-time DDoS detection,” said Jeff Lindholm, President and CEO of Plixer. “This release demonstrates our continued commitment to reducing capital and operating expenses for our customers while delivering differentiated, value-added technology. Security and network teams share the goal of delivering a positive user experience while simultaneously protecting and securing the business. To achieve this, it is imperative that both teams have access to shared data, can automate workflows, and speak the same language.”

About Plixer
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