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Palo Alto Networks NetFlow Support

Palo Alto Networks NetFlow support is coming soon and we’ll be one of the first vendors to support it in our NetFlow Analyzer.  The team at Palo Alto Networks not only supports traditional NetFlow, but they also support deep packet analysis to identify actual applications such as Skype, BitTorrent, Webex and more.  Many netflow analysis tools mistakenly identify this traffic as HTTP (TCP 80).  Cisco NetFlow NBAR is a similar technology which makes network traffic monitoring much more informative especially when trying to perform root cause analysis. This feature is not in the Cisco ASA NetFlow export.

Palo Alto NetFlow Reporting

You can also see in the screen capture above that they are exporting User Name information as well.  Their customers are going to love this new capability!  Support for these new reports are in Scrutinizer v9 and Palo Alto Networks OS v4.1.  Contact us to find out more about this new Palo Alto NetFlow reporting solution.