Palo Alto NetFlowPalo Alto Networks NetFlow NAT support is reflected in the latest version of our NetFlow monitoring solution. Check out the template details:


Palo Alto Networks NetFlow NAT Support

We’re excited to see hardware vendors include NAT translations in their NetFlow and IPFIX exports as we’ve had many users request these types of reports. Because Palo Alto Networks used the standard NetFlow elements, the NetFlow NAT reports we built for the Cisco ASR NetFlow also worked for the Palo Alto NetFlow export.

Palo Alto Networks NetFlow NAT Reports

 Not only is the insight great but, the security threat detection is certainly a huge added bonus all in one appliance.  Seeing more firewalls enter the NetFlow market is making me appreciate more and more that NetFlow Behavior Analysis systems are best implemented in hardware with deep packet inspection.

NetFlow and IPFIX are becoming a crucial part of your daily network traffic monitoring operations, so if you’re tired of running reports and seeing all of your network traffic going to your firewall’s IP address, call us! We would be glad to give you a demo of our NetFlow Analyzer’s NAT reporting capabilities.

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