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Cisco Wireless AVC — Traffic Visibility Webcast

Cisco’s Wireless Application Visibility and Control (AVC) has caused quite a stir of excitement due to its extensive application level visibility. On April 25th, we will present a jointly hosted webcast with Cisco Systems, on Cisco Wireless AVC and Traffic Visibility to discuss the significant capabilities and configuration of Cisco AVC.

This webcast will begin live on Thursday, April 25th at 10am (EDT) and 4pm (EDT).

Attendees on the complimentary webcast will learn:

  • The business value of Application Visibility and Control
  • The different application types AVC can recognize and control
  • How this new technology works and how it classifies Applications and modifies DSCP values
  • How to configure these features in the actual graphical user interface
  • Reporting on the data using Cisco Prime and Scrutinizer sFlow and NetFlow Analyzer
  • Available AVC features and how to use them to:
    • Identify and classify over 1,000 applications by leveraging NBAR
    • Monitor next generation flow statistics such as response time, latency, jitter, and other application performance metrics
    • Export NetFlow version 9 or IP information export (IPFIX)
    • Set different QoS priorities based on application
  • The new flow metrics being exported in either NetFlow v9 and IPFIX and details on:
    • Layer 7 applications such as the use of Facebook, Skype, BitTorrent and WebEx
    • Service Set Identifier (SSID)
    • Pre and Post Differentiated Services Code Point (DSCP) values
    • MAC addresses

Sign up for the webcast today for the latest insights on Cisco AVC. Learn more about the Cisco AVC reporting features including URL details which has everyone brimming with excitement.