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Cisco ASA Internet Threat Defense Solution Webcast

In our February 14th webcast, we will present how the Cisco ASA NSEL exports are used to detect network threats that could be missed by the Cisco ASA threat detection logic.  We’ll explain how to improve cyber security layers.

Cisco ASA NetFlow

Attendees on the webcast will learn:

  • Top 3 ways the Cisco ASA can protect your company
  • How advanced attacks infiltrate 90% of companies
  • Why most security solutions don’t detect advanced threats
  • The global scale of the advanced threat problem
  • How to use the Cisco ASA to gain another layer of protection against Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Reporting on threats detected using the Cisco ASA
  • IP Host Reputation
  • Correlating other contextual details with the Cisco ASA NetFlow exports
  • Improving C level confidence that no stone was left unturned when cleaning up an attack

This webcast focuses on how to take proactive measures against advanced attacks using NSEL and other log data to gain deeper contextual information surrounding an insurgence. Sign up today for the latest insights.