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Plixer Support SLAs

Technical Support 

Plixer has an experienced team of specialists that are dedicated to helping Plixer customers. To assist with any product questions or support, Plixer can be contacted via telephone (207-324-8805 ext 4) and live chat support ( Standard support hours are between 8 AM – 5 PM ET Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Response time shall be within 1 business day. However, Plixer will use reasonable commercial efforts to respond immediately to any support issues that arise within our listed business hours. Tier 2 support covers 24/7/365 at an additional cost. For more information on Plixer’s Tier 2 Support Plan, contact your sales representative. 

Ability to Upgrade 

All solutions currently under maintenance or an active subscription term have access to any supported major or minor upgrades. This includes all support version number increases, enhancements, bug fixes. However, this excludes any add-on purchases covered under a separate agreement. 

Advanced Training 

A one-hour training session is included with all product and add-on purchases. Led by one of Plixer’s skilled specialists, it provides customers with insight into recent product updates, along with expert tips and tricks to use Plixer Solutions. On-site services and additional training can be purchased as needed. For more information on on-site services, contact your sales representative. 

Operating System Related CVSS Alerts 

All operating system patches classified by the Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) rating scheme have a “CVSS Temporal Score.” 

Plixer adheres to the following time periods for deploying software patches as described in the table below: 

Risk severityCVSS ScoreRectification period
Critical 9 or above  *Within 7 days after notification to Plixer 
High 7 or above and lower than 9 *Within 60 days after notification to Plixer 
Middle 5 or above and lower than 7  *Within 90 days after notification to Plixer 
Low Lower than 5 *Within 120 days after notification to Plixer 

If an official software patch is not available at the time of notification, the rectification period will begin when a patch becomes available. 

Commitment to Development 

Plixer’s ongoing relationship with key industry leaders helps provide superior development efforts committed to monitoring and reporting on the newest developments. 

A standard maintenance agreement and subscription term allow customers access to all available support options. Requests that involve new features or custom development are not part of a maintenance agreement or subscription term. For more information on development services, contact your sales representative. 

Definition of Response Times 

Within the scope of providing technical support, Plixer shall confirm any defects reported in writing or by telephone, thereby commencing the appropriate defect rectification period. If it is not possible to rectify within the appropriate defect rectification period, Plixer will notify the Customer without undue delay, stating the reasons. 

Categories of Defects 

CategoryDescriptionRectification period
Severity 1(Complete failure): Essential features or essential functions do not work properly.5 days
Severity 2(Material fault causes unreasonable business risk): Using the goods in day-to-day business is possible, but only by taking additional considerable measures.10 days
Severity 3(Isolated defect): One individual function of the goods does not work properly and leads to an impairment of the usability of the goods that is not insignificant only, but can be narrowed down locally and systematically.2 weeks
Severity 4(Insignificant impairment): One individual function of the goods does not work properly and leads to an impairment of the usability of the goods that can be narrowed down locally, but is not significant.4 weeks

Minimum Response and Defect Rectification Periods 

Plixer shall deal with defects of any Plixer Solution and the pertaining documentation without undue delay and remove them within what Plixer determines is a reasonable time. 

Plixer understands that time is of the essence. However, upon further investigation, certain defects may require more or less time than outlined above. Due to the nature of the defect, if more time is required than the defined Defect Rectification Period, Plixer will promptly notify the customer with an estimated time of rectification.