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How Plixer Maximizes Network Investments

Despite the great flexibility and productivity offered by cloud and hybrid environments, enterprise network infrastructure has become increasingly difficult to secure and manage. The average cost of maintenance, work hours, and security tools necessary to protect your network from compromises and performance issues continues to increase. NetOps and SecOps teams need a tool that can help simplify network visualization, aid investigations, and shorten mean time to response (MTTR) for network compromises and performance issues.

Plixer’s solutions help resolve the problems many IT teams face.

With our NDR platform, we give SecOps teams:

  • Pervasive network visibility
    • Intelligent threat detection
    • Historical forensics
    • Enhanced productivity with incident response
    • A simple deployment model
    • An integrated solution for existing security and workflow tools

With our NPMD platform, we give NetOps teams:

  • Device discovery
    • Device profiling
    • Evaluation of endpoint risks
    • Application performance monitoring
    • Contextual data to identify root cause
    • Faster time-to-resolution

Download our whitepaper to learn how Plixer’s solutions help maximize your network investments.

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