Plixer gives a level of Deep Network Observability and early threat detection not achievable with Cisco’s Stealthwatch. And in a package that’s easier to manage, deploy, and scale. Switch to Plixer and cut the complexity.

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Compare Plixer to Cisco Secure Network Analytics (SNA)

 PlixerCisco SNA (formerly Stealthwatch)
Pervasive network visibility
Intelligent threat detection
Simple and flexible deployment model
Historical forensics
Incident response
Vendor agnostic integration
Network performance monitoring and diagnostics capabilities

Cut the Complexity 

The big cybersecurity vendors are letting you down. Large vendors, like Cisco, promise to provide an out-of-the-box solution that provides comprehensive visibility, advanced threat detection, and faster time to resolution. In reality, out-of-the-box solutions from big vendors are complicated to deploy, harder to upgrade, and are only optimized to work in a single vendor environment. The big promise is a big mess.

Don’t settle for an expensive disappointment.

Plixer gives you Deep Network Observability. Plixer gives you wide visibility, intelligent threat detection, and long-term data storage for better root-cause investigations. All in an easy-to-use simple to deploy platform. Gain more knowledge from your network—with analysis and intelligence, you can trust.

Switch to Plixer and cut the complexity.