Leverage network insights to improve vulnerability risk management with Tenable 

Plixer One’s integration with Tenable enriches vulnerability scans with extensive device inventory data, enhancing both network security and performance. With this integration, the bidirectional exchange of information  augments Plixer’s device risk scoring and also continuously monitors network traffic to identify vulnerabilities and risk.  In addition, the integration offers a seamless user experience, with the ability to access and view Tenable information directly from the Plixer One  user interface.

Tenable.io Integration: Delivering integrated security coverage 

  • Enriched Vulnerability Insights: By combining Tenable’s detailed vulnerability scans with Plixer’s device inventory data, the platform delivers a richer, more nuanced understanding of network assets and vulnerabilities across attack surface. 
  • Bidirectional Data Enrichment: The mutual exchange of data between Tenable.io and Plixer’s platform ensures a dynamic, constantly evolving risk assessment landscape. 
  • Inventory Matching: Identify endpoints that are missing from Tenable’s asset inventory
  • User-Friendly Interface: Direct access to Tenable information within the Plixer One platform  provides a single pane of glass for visibility of assets, their vulnerabilities, and related network security observations. 

For more information on integrating Tenable with Plixer One, please contact us.