Powerful end-to-end monitoring and investigation

PRTG combined with Scrutinizer’s network traffic flow and metadata analytics delivers a powerful end-to-end monitoring and investigation solution for the entire network infrastructure and the network traffic that flows across it. This powerful combination allows IT to keep everything running efficiently, meet the needs of end users, and achieve the business objectives of the organization.

Plixer & Paessler integration

Scrutinizer & PRTG solution benefits

  • Pivot quickly between the
    data available within PRTG and Scrutinizer when looking at specific devices
  • Leverage PRTG to monitor
    your systems, devices, and applications while using Scrutinizer to analyze the
    traffic patterns they generate
  • Achieve faster visibility
    across both the infrastructure and the network traffic that flows across it
  • Gain insight for better
    troubleshooting of application performance problems
  • Support rapid incident
    response for network and security events with deep visibility
  • Look beyond top talkers
    and bandwidth utilization to gain deep traffic insight all the way to layer
    seven (application details, URL/URI, DNS, etc.)
  • Run historical reports, going
    back in time to investigate any network flow, conversation, or transaction

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