Microsoft Defender

Enhancing Endpoint protection with Microsoft Defender integration

Integration of Plixer One with Microsoft Defender streamlines the provision of essential data for endpoint, networking and security teams, critical l to managing today’s dynamic digital environments. This integration enriches network performance insights and strengthens security intelligence, ensuring teams have the necessary tools to effectively address evolving challenges in network management and cybersecurity. 

For users of Microsoft Defender for Endpoint, the bi-directional integration with the Plixer One platform elevates endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities. By leveraging Plixer One’s advanced features in device discovery, profiling, and risk scoring, network and security teams can more effectively monitor and manage network endpoints. This allows for efficient scanning and isolation of devices that require closer scrutiny or immediate triage, thereby bolstering network security. 

Microsoft Defender Integration: A Powerful Combination in Cybersecurity 

  • Advanced EDR Capabilities: Leveraging Microsoft Defender’s robust endpoint detection and response, Plixer enhances it with network telemetry, offering a more comprehensive defense against evolving cyber threats. 
  • Proactive Device Monitoring: The integration facilitates rigorous device scanning and isolation protocols by leveraging additional network context and ensuring that potential threats are identified and managed swiftly. 
  • Risk scoring: Provides advanced risk scoring capabilities by combining Exposure Level and Risk Level data from Defender with observational data from Plixer One. 

For more information on integrating Microsoft Defender with Plixer One, please contact us.