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  • Financial Services

    Consumer demands and competitive pressures are driving financial service organizations to evolve their digital footprint and embark upon long-term technology roadmaps. As this transformation evolves, the need for visibility, security, and compliance assurance skyrockets.

  • Healthcare

    Nearly all clinical workflows use the network to interact with electronic medical record systems, and the number of medical IoT devices are exploding. Patient outcomes and safety rely on a secure, HIPAA-compliant, and highly optimized network infrastructure.

  • Retail

    Consumers demand a seamless digital experience, making omnichannel, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, and augmented reality technologies critical to retail success. Securing and optimizing the infrastructure has never been more important.

  • Media & entertainment

    Audience expectations for digital content consumption are at an all-time high. Content delivery must be continuous and secure across multiple channels. Providers must have visibility into the performance and security of their content at rest or in transport.

  • Education

    Classroom technology has fundamentally improved the learning experience for both primary and higher education students. Proper visibility, monitoring, and security of the network is paramount to fostering a positive learning experience.

  • Government

    Federal, state, local, and civilian government agencies are all experiencing digital transformation so they can better serve technology-savvy constituents. Moving to the cloud and enabling data access from anywhere increases the need to monitor and secure every transaction.