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SonicWALL VPN utilization Reports : IPFIX Reporting

Are you looking for detailed insight into your SonicWALL VPNs?  With IPFIX reporting from Scrutinizer Flow Analyzer, you can get some really cool SonicWALL VPN Utilization reports.

The VPN reporting available allows you to see both the VPN tunnel bandwidth utilization and also report on the network traffic within the VPN tunnels.  This takes your network monitoring capabilities to exciting new levels.

VPN utilization reports are provided by the SonicWALL VPN Name report, showing bandwidth utilization per VPN Tunnel.  In the example below, we can see that bandwidth utilization for the ‘stevec’ VPN tunnel was 24.64 Kb/s for the 5 minute time frame being viewed.

VPN utilization reports

We can then filter on VPN Name = ‘stevec’, and see the network traffic that makes up 24.64 Kb/s:

VPN Usage reports

To see for yourself, try our IPFIX network monitoring tool for VPN traffic monitoring and let us know what you think.