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Performance Monitoring Solution for Citrix Desktop Virtualization

If you are looking for an agentless performance monitoring solution for Citrix Desktop Virtualization, consider using AppFlow or IPFIX exports from your Citrix NetScaler.  AppFlow is the Citrix IPFIX export which is basically the proposed standard for NetFlow v9.   Through IPFIX, Citrix is now exporting details on Applications, URLS, browser types, user details and more.

Citrix Netscaler AppFlow Monitoring

Citrix has joined the ranks of several other companies including Barracuda, Cisco, Extreme, Juniper, nProbe, Plixer and SonicWALL that are now exporting unique details in IPFIX.  Unlike NetFlow, IPFIX allows these companies to export unique details not supported by the elements found in Cisco NetFlow.

The Citrix commitment to AppFlow also known as IPFIX allows the company to keep pace with a similar technology found in the VMware vSphere NetFlow exports.  VMware however, has not made the switch yet to IPFIX.  This is probably because they have no need yet to export something unique like Citrix.

In the meantime, our performance monitoring solution for Citrix Desktop Virtualization is available today.