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NIKE Customer Service

Two years ago I was getting a bit over weight. Everything else was great. I have a great career, I loving relationship with my wife and I was obviously eating well. I just didn’t like the extra pounds that I was starting to pack on. Several of us were joking about it in the office but, many of us wanted to do something about it.


We started a competition. A bunch of us including our CEO decided to stop laughing about our girth. Since we were all different sizes, coming up with a fitness competition that was fair was a challenge. We decided on the following: weight loss, BMI and Fat. We were all given 6 months. It may have not been exactly the fairest competition but, I didn’t care. I wanted to lose the weight and I wanted to compete in a fun way with my peers. The company sponsored the awards. First place was an iPad, 2nd place was a tablet and 3rd was a iTouch. I won third place and asked if I could get something else: the NIKE SportWatch. I’m happy to say that I’m now a qualified customer to give a NIKE SportWatch review.

NIKE Customer Review

What I like about the NIKE SportWatch is how it:

  • It keeps pace with me. This is important because when you run, your speed changes. If I’m going up hill, I generally run slower then when I’m going down hill. I can look over at the SportWatch to determine my pace which helps me know when I should speed up or slow down. My iPhone can do this as well however, I couldn’t look at it easily while I was running. A good example: If someone is in a marathon, they generally run faster at the beginning because their body is fresh and their mind is excited. The watch allows the runner to determine when they need to slow down or even speed up.
  • Large numbers: which makes it easy to view when I’m running.
  • It’s water proof. I don’t dive with it but, I tend to sweat a bit and it’s nice to know that I can get it wet.
  • It’s sexy and makes me look good.  🙂

NIKE SportWatch Satisfaction

This watch has endured over a thousand miles with me. Through tough mudders, 20+ mile marathons and dozens of other races. Then one day I noticed a small crack in the strap where it connected to the watch. I continued to use my watch on nearly every run as it became a vital part of my training. The crack didn’t bother me but, then I noticed the screen getting foggy. I had to do something and was contemplating a new watch. Finally it died. I was so satisfied with the watch that I was going to buy a new one but, part of me felt that the watch should have stood up to my riggerous exercise routine. I decided to contact NIKE Customer Service.

I visited the NIKE customer service web page. I was surprised to see a phone number and not just a form to fill out. I called and spoke to a very nice customer service representative who spoke very good English. I provided the story above and he gave me two options:

  1. He said “give me your credit card number and we’ll mail you a new watch.” I would then send them my broken watch and when they received it, they would take the charge off of my credit card if they determined that my watch was damaged from normal wear and tear.
  2. I could send in the watch and if they determined the watch failed outside of normal wear and tear conditions, they would replace it.

I went with option B. In one week I had a new watch! That is awesome customer service and especially surprising from such a massive company.

NIKE Customer Service

At my company, I manage our call center for technical support as well as all of field engineering. Nike Customer Service gave me a refresher in what it takes to give awesome customer service. Thanks NIKE!