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NetFlow Overview: Advanced NetFlow Traffic Analyzer

To conclude our 7 part NetFlow v9 overview blog series, I will highlight our Advanced NetFlow Traffic Analyzer, showing off the innovative features we bring to Network Traffic Management and Traffic Analysis in these areas:

  • Dashboard views
  • Flow Reporting
  • Network Security

Flexible Dashboard views – both predefined and totally customizable!

Predefined views include:

  • Top Applications
  • Top Conversations
  • Top Countries
  • Top Domains
  • Top Hosts
  • Top Subnet Traffic
  • Top WellKnown Ports
  • Flow Analytics – Network Security Monitoring and alerting

These views also allow easily drilling down to the full conversation level of the TopN traffic to see why an entry made the Top 10 list.  The Network Security features are described later in this blog.

Custom dashboard views can include:

  • Custom Saved Flow reports
  • NetFlow custom maps
  • Any web-based applications or websites

Custom dashboards can include any and all of the above, mix and match to get the most visibility in a single pane of glass.  Custom dashboards are also very easy to configure, just a few clicks of the mouse and it’s done!

What is NetFlow?

Flow Reporting

For a truly Advanced NetFlow reporting solution, it needs to grow with advances in technology.  Our NetFlow solution is designed for reporting not only NetFlow v9, but all flow technologies, including custom IPFIX flows with custom reporting via the Report Designer.

Predefined reporting includes the standard NetFlow reports:

  • Conversations
  • Top Talkers
  • WellKnown Ports
  • Protocols
  • Type of Service
  • Autonomous System
  • IP Groups
  • Subnets
  • and on and on

Vendor specific reports:

End to end visibility (i.e. hop by hop) of connections on the network with Flow Hopper

End to end network visibility

Custom NetFlow Reports

Using Report Designer you can create custom reports,  reporting on ANY (yes, any!)  incoming flow data!

  • Log Management Solutions – combining Report Designer and the Flow Replicator, you can export logs to Scrutinizer and create Flow reports of those logs
  • Cisco Wireless LAN Controller – flow reporting available also using Report Designer
  • Cisco ASR NAT reports

These are just a few examples of the many that custom designed reports can provide.  Contact us directly for help creating your custom reports.

Network Security monitoring and alerting

Predefined Network threat detection includes:

  • Breach Attempts
  • DDOS Violations
  • DNS Hits
  • Internet Threats Monitor
  • IP Address Violations
  • Nefarious Activity
  • P2P Monitor
  • SYN Violations

Custom threat detection includes:

  • Setting thresholds and generating alarms and alerts on ANY flow reports.

Our NetFlow solution stores all the flows, all the time

Allowing access to report and alert on all the flows,taking Network threat monitoring and alerting to a brand new level!

Not convinced?  Let us show you how the Best in Class NetFlow Reporting and Analyzing Solution can provide up to 2500% ROI.  Call now to schedule a demo or download the free fully supported 14-day trial version.