Recently some customers questioned if we provide APCON netflow support. APCON, a company headquartered near Portland, OR, develops innovative, scalable technology solutions to enhance network monitoring, support IT traffic analysis, and streamline IT network management and security. They saw that NetFlow is traditionally generated by routers and switches at key locations across the network. There are disadvantages to this approach, however, including the performance impact on key production network routers/switches, the use of network bandwidth to transmit NetFlow records, and the added complexity of collecting records from many sources across the network.

To combat those disadvantages, they decided to find a better way to collect all of this information and developed the IntellaFlex XR and the HyperEngine. The benefits of this new technology include: high performance NetFlow generation, the ability to offload production routers/switches, reducing load on production routers/switches, and it is scalable for very large networks.

IntellaFlex XR

The APCON IntellaFlex XR family

IntellaFlex XR network monitoring systems provide an ideal location for a NetFlow source because they have complete visibility of network traffic from SPANS and taps. Offload processing from routers and other production equipment to increase efficiency and save costs, reduce production traffic by forwarding NetFlow records to collectors either directly or using a management network, and reduce record collection complexity by consolidating NetFlow sources.


APCON Hyperengine service ports

The HyperEngine packet processor blade is an extremely fast source of NetFlow records for IntellaFlex XR systems, processing up to 200Gbps of traffic per blade. Ideal for large networks and service providers, HyperEngine offloads production routers by generating NetFlow records offline, saving production network costs. The modular system can scale to process terabytes of traffic for NetFlow, aggregating traffic from any 1G/10G/40G/100G Ethernet ports in the system. Each HyperEngine blade generates up to 16 simultaneous NetFlow streams of unsampled or sampled flow records and can forward traffic to 16 NetFlow collectors. You can get at the technical specifications read more about HyperEngine NetFlow here.

How we provide APCON netflow support

What will you do with all of this optimized data collection? Scrutinizer is the most flexible and scalable NetFlow analyzer on the market for deep application insight and network incident response. It was designed from the ground up to anticipate unique IPFIX, NetFlow, and sFlow exports from different vendors. Our engineers have invested dozens of hours ingesting new element libraries. As a result, our system has the broadest vendor support in the flow industry. If you need any assistance in device configuration or troubleshooting, don’t hesitate to call our support line at 207-324-8805 x4.

Jennifer Maher

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