NetFlow Analyzer for the iPhone

Posted in network security, network threat detection, Network traffic monitoring on May 8th, 2013 by Dalel
NetFlow Analyzer for the iPhone

Our NetFlow Analyzer for the iPhone takes Network traffic monitoring to a whole new dimension. Aside from receiving  email alerts on network threats, you now have the ability to dive into NetFlow Analysis right on your iPhone. From anywhere, get detailed information on your network traffic, and quickly initiate an informed response to network threats.

Cybert threat detection CYBER THREAT DETECTION

By taking a more proactive approach network threat detection, as you can see in the above screen capture, your iPhone network monitoring application observes the behavior of your traffic using various data analysis algorithms, detects suspicious activities and sends out an email alerts on:

  • Inbound Threshold violations
  • Internet threats bases on host reputation
  • DDoS attacks
  • Nefarious activities
  • DNS Hits
  • Breach attempts and several other types of threats.

Therefore, you are not only receiving email alerts on a variety of issues and potential security breaches, but you are also able to further look into reported issues right on your iPhone or iPad. This kind of access to NetFlow data facilitates collaboration, improves how fast network problems are diagnosed and resolved, and ultimately adds some flexibility to network administration.

I was browsing the internet the other day and found a few SNMP based network monitoring iPhone apps; however, I did not find a robust NetFlow analyzer. What makes a NetFlow solution unique, in the context of mobile device applications, is the level of traffic details a network administrator has access to whenever and wherever. With just a few touches on mobile devices, anyone in your networking team, can learn about user activity, top talkers, bandwidth utilization, applications, URLs, detected viruses, types of service, cyber threats and several other pieces of information that is being exporter in IPFIX.

NetFlow truly provides unprecedented visibility in the network; and when it comes to cyber threat detection, you need a NetFlow analyzer with advanced security features. I can say with confidence that our NetFlow solution is one of the best NetFlow based network security solutions on mobile devices. What we discussed in this blog is just a highlight of the available features. I am sure you will discover other features as you experiment with the iPhone or iPad.

Please share your experience and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


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7 Responses to “NetFlow Analyzer for the iPhone”

  1. Damon Bagley Says:

    I must be missing something here. Are you saying to browse to the Scrutinizer server from one’s I-Phone? What about I-Phones lack of “Flash”? If that’s the point of this article then wouldn’t any phone with a browser would work the same?

  2. Jimmy Larsson Says:

    Are you saying that the iphone receives netflowcand analyzes it or is it just a front end to something else that really des the analyzing work?

    If the latter, with your definition of “Netflow analyzer” my web browser is also a netflow analyzer. And my rdp client and my teamviewer client and my…….


  3. Danny Says:

    This is now possible because Scrutinizer 10.5 does not run Flash, all versions prior to 10.5 ran Flash.

  4. Danny Says:

    :) Thanks Jimmy,

    I am saying that the web interface can now be run on the iPhone. Data collection and analysis are handled by a collector server.

  5. Damon Bagley Says:

    Okay that makes more since. Thanks Danny – Looking at the Plixer website:

    I’m seeing the current version as: 10.1.3 – 3/14/2013. Is the 10.5 something support can hand out?

  6. Rick Coloccia Says:

    Is 10.5 available? I only see the 10.1.3 on the web site, which is what I am currently running. I’d love to upgrade and get this new functionality!

  7. Danny Says:

    Certainly! I will send you the link.

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