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Top 3 Reasons to setup Virtual NetFlow

Top 3 reasons for setting up Virtual NetFlow?  What is that all about?

It is about the top 3 virtual server solutions that provide NetFlow support:

1. VMWare ESX/ESXi NetFlow

2. Citrix XenServer NetFlow

  • Use the following command to configure NetFlow monitoring on your Citrix XenServer, sending NetFlow to your NetFlow Analyzer running on host and listening on UDP port 2055:

ovs−vsctl −− set Bridge xenbr0 netflow=@scrut \

−− −−id=@scrut create NetFlow targets=\”\” active−timeout=60

3. Microsoft Hyper-V NetFlow

  • The Microsoft Hyper-V virtual server now has NetFlow support provided by the Cisco Nexus 1000V Series distributed virtual switch.


Why Virtual NetFlow?

Why configure NetFlow on your virtual servers?  Here are a few examples of NetFlow reporting options available:

  • VM to VM traffic on the same host
  • VM to VM traffic on different hosts
  • VM to devices outside the virtual environment


4. nProbe

Okay, I went beyond the Top 3, but this one just had to be mentioned.

You could install nProbe on any of these servers and provide even richer details than above, such as:

  • Round trip time
  • Packet loss
  • URLs

Are you interested yet?  If so, then how would you use Virtual NetFlow reporting?  Give us a call at 207-324-8805, or post your comments below.