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EM7 NetFlow Support: 3 Key Features

Many Network Management Solutions on the market lack support for sFlow, NetFlow and IPFIX reporting and threat detection.  If you are looking for EM7 NetFlow support, our NetFlow solution easily integrates with EM7 from ScienceLogic and we do it in 3 ways to provide the best network traffic monitoring solution.

  1. Our NetFlow Analyzer is URL based which means you can pass parameters in the URLs and launch our NetFlow solution directly from a device in EM7’s web interface.
  2. We can do the same from our NetFlow Analysis solution and launch specific windows in EM7 by passing parameters in URLs
  3. Every few minutes, we can pull all of the IP addresses out of the EM7 database as well as the network status and display the same status of this information in our network maps.

ScienceLogic EM7 NetFlow

In the above screen capture, we can integrate to provide EM7 NetFlow support for Cisco Performance Monitoring (Medianet) which delivers Flexible NetFlow details on VoIP jitter, packet loss and latency on all TCP connections.

 “Scrutinizer provides detailed reports including the medianet performance monitoring statistics (round trip time, jitter, packet loss, bit/byte and packets, MAC Addresses, IP Addresses, VLANs, Domains, application recognition) to help you monitor and troubleshoot video, voice and data applications. These reports can help the network operator perform fault isolation of network issues affecting rich media applications, as well as track historical performance of various parts of the network.”
Cisco Medianet Support
Patricia Costa, Cisco Program Manager – Performance Monitoring

We also provide support for Cisco Performance Routing which allows you to report on the difference between prioritized rerouted flows and best effort traffic.  Our NetFlow Analyzer  supports the latest and greatest NetFlow from Cisco and several other vendors.

Our laser focus on flow technologies has allowed us to become the best EM7 NetFlow solution on the market today.  Give us a call if you need help setting up an evaluation.  Our solution runs on any OS.