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Cisco Performance Agent: NetFlow Reporting and Cisco NAM

Cisco Performance Agent is another technology that can be exported with Flexible NetFlow. Cisco Performance Agent provides visibility into branch-office applications and network performance. It collects application response time metrics to identify performance degradation across multiple network links:

  • Transaction time (TT)
  • Monitoring the WAN latency using the server-network-delay (SND) metric
  • Monitoring the LAN latency using the client-network-delay (CND) metric
  • Monitoring the server processing time using the application-delay (AD) metric

Cisco Prime NAM and NetFlow Reporting

WAAS Express Performance Reporting

When using WAN optimization, application visibility in all network segments can be achieved via NetFlow reporting. Cisco Performance Agent can be setup to run in the branch-office router and send flows to the NetFlow Analyzer over the WAN link. It can also be used in the data center. We invite potential customers to compare our flow reporting to Cisco Prime NAM. PfA vs. PfR vs. PfM Don’t confuse Performance Agent (PfA) with Performance Monitoring (PfM) or Performance Routing (PfR). All of these are unique Flexible NetFlow Reporting metrics and it is no fluke that our NetFlow Monitor can report on all of them.