Many routers, servers, and other systems can only send messages to a single log management system. The Flow Replicator™ allows a single stream of log data to be transparently replicated to multiple destinations.

Additional Features of the Flow Replicator™ include: 

  • Deterministic Packet Forwarding (DPS) feature detects when the destination hosts are offline and stops forwarding traffic
  • Only sends packets to management stations that are up and operational
  • Helps simplify network configurations by providing a single IP to which all routers and servers can send their log data
  • Reduces the amount of traffic on the network and reduces the amount of load on routers and switches
  • Enables management station redundancy by sending logs to multiple destinations simultaneously
  • Ability to export replication statistics to an IPFIX enabled collector
  • Interactive command-based system
  • Fault tolerant enabled

Syslog to IPFIX Gateway

The Replicator Appliance listens for syslogs, extracts the details and forwards them on inside IPFIX datagrams. Once Scrutinizer™ has the messages, reports can be run including details that stretch across the different devices exporting syslogs. Scrutinizer™ log analyzer can correlate the messages and trigger alarms for specified events which aids in security log analysis.

The Replicator allows companies who need to meet the needs of regulatory compliance to ensure a backup of all system messages and notifications should an audit become necessary. The Flow Replicator™ and Scrutinizer™ log reporting solution together provide:

  • Detection of a wide range of network threats including APTs, employee misuse, DoS attacks, and even data leakage.
  • Security Audit trails of all network traffic and behaviors, enabling rapid reaction to network incidents
  • Detailed network utilization reports that provide insight into users, applications, and network devices

Scrutinizer™ is designed to peer deep into the network enabling the network administrator to easily see where threats are originating and how the network is being used reducing the Mean Time to Know (MTTK) about a potential threat streamlining IT's Mean Time to Repair (MTTR) the issue.

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