Ixia solutions combined with Plixer’s Scrutinizer Incident Response System help ensure that customers obtain an always-on low-latency user experience. The combined solution allows administrators to identify the users, device types, operating systems, and applications that generate excessive traffic. Loaded with reliable and accurate information, IT can isolate and remove unwanted behaviors.

Plixer’s Scrutinizer system leverages the enriched flow data (IxFlow) generated by Ixia’s Network Visibility Solution and AppStack. We worked directly with the Ixia development team to ensure full support for all of their unique elements available in their enriched IPFIX, which provides information on application classification, geolocation, and user device details on top of the traditional flow details.

Ixia’s IxFlow export provides valuable insight and context on each end system that it observes. Beyond traditional application performance, the information can be used in the forensic investigation of malware incidents. The details gained from IxFlow are exported as IPFIX to Scrutinizer, where this data is stitched together with thousands of other data elements gathered from all across the network. Take if for a test drive by contacting Plixer.

Ixia and Plixer joint solution brief

Read more about how to leverage the Ixia and Plixer integration to solve your security and performance monitoring challenges in the solutions brief.

Ixia and Plixer joint solution brief