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Next Generation NetFlow Analyzer: Network Traffic Monitoring Software

If your company is contemplating the use of traditional or next generation flow exports, the insight you can gain depending on your hardware has never been greater with our Network Traffic Monitoring Software. Without a doubt, flow elements have been added to the technology in nearly all areas of performance and security which aid in end to end visibility. Next Generation NetFlow collection and analysis requires:

List of Next Gen NetFlow / IPFIX Reporting Features:

  1. A breakdown of all 7 layers of the OSI model with a focus on application details and end user information
  2. Integration with other best of breed security systems (e.g. IPS and firewall vendors)
  3. Reporting on the data in easy to understand graphical format
  4. Flexible filtering and sorting with Customizable Reports on the latest flow exports (e.g. Jitter , latency)
  5. A breadth of experience and reports which comes from working with numerous hardware vendors and a track record of being an innovator in the industry
  6. Monitor for Internet threats based on IP host Reputation
  7. A scalable solution that is able to collect over 100K flows/second
  8. Support for virtual environments (e.g. VMware) and subnets where traditional flows aren’t available
  9. In depth forensic reporting and analysis capabilities
  10. The ability to map out end to end – hop by hop visibility by seeing the network flow path

Most of the above is available on older hardware. This means you can gain access to next generation NetFlow even if you are purchasing refurbished Cisco hardware. NetFlow Dashboard: Next generation flow reporting tools like Scrutinizer provide customizable dashboards that extend details on anything exported within Netflow. For example, the top interfaces with the most Jitter, Latency, Packet loss or Utilization across thousands of interfaces are shown below.

Network Traffic Monitoring Software

Choosing a vendor with the experience and contacts with all of the major flow vendors may make a difference in your overall experience with flow collection