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Adtran NetFlow Analyzer

Now that you know AdTran supports NetFlow, you need an AdTran NetFlow Analyzer. With the implementation of the Integrated Traffic Monitoring feature in AOS products, AdTran takes network traffic monitoring to a new level. You just need the right NetFlow reporting tool.

Our NetFlow application provides an incredibly high level of AdTran NetVanta NetFlow data analysis capability. It allows you to:

  • See where traffic enters and where it exits your network.
  • Identify the top talkers.
  • Identify what applications the top talkers are using.
  • See how much bandwidth was utilized.
  • Determine inbound and outbound, protocols, source and destination hosts, source and destination ports, how long a particular conversation took, etc.
  • Monitor routers/switches availability and response time.
  • Set up bandwidth usage thresholds and get notified when the thresholds are violated. Please note that these thresholds can be configured per interface and per host to host conversation.
  • Schedule and email NetFlow reports.
  • See what path on the network specific conversations took.
  • Filter data on every piece of information contained in the NetFlow  record or template.

This list can grow many times larger.

Adtran NetVanta– To take advantage of all these features you simply need to enable NetFlow on your Adtran devices and point the flows to be exported to the server where the NetFlow monitoring application is installed. Keep in mind that for AdTran NetFlow, egress flow export should be enabled and not ingress.

– AdTran NetFlow is supported on NetVanta 3200, 3305, 4305, 5305, 1524, 1624, 3430, 3448, 3130, 340, and 344. If you know other Adtran devices that also support NetFlow, please feel free to add in the comment section. Also tell about your experience with AdTran NetFlow.