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When investigations need to take place, security professionals depend on solutions that contain all the communication details. FlowPro absorbs all network traffic and exports flows to your flow collection solution.  Each gigabit interface is dedicated to a selected portion of your network.  

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When a key application slows down, what utilities give the IT Team insight into the nature of the latency issue? Flow traffic analysis is often needed across the network with end to end visibility on network connections. Often times this is required on a hop-by-hop basis. What are the applications on your network? Who is using these applications and how often? These are the questions you will have answers to.

  • By strategically placing each interface of the NetFlow probe, network administrators and security professional gain insight into areas of the network not currently possible.

    IT Professionals need to keep the network traffic optimized for peak business netflow application performance. Tools which allow them to see inside the network, and into the different applications (e.g. running under the disguise of port 80), are going to let them guarantee that critical traffic receives priority.

    Combined with Flow Analytics™, Scrutinizer will perform network behavior analysis to uncover unwanted traffic, even if the traffic is exchanged under the cover of encryption.

    FlowPro can be placed in both physical and virtual infrastructures. Within minutes after installation, FlowPro plays a key role in troubleshooting all applications and network security threats passing by its visibility into the network.

  • FlowPro™ incorporates Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which allows it to report on metrics beyond bytes and packet volume.  FlowPro reports on application round trip time, too.

    The DPI capabilities in FlowPro allow Scrutinizer to deliver packet-like details on all applications, whether they are hosted in house or in the cloud. Dashboards include statistics on bits, bytes, packets, network connection latency, packet loss, and more.

    Utilize FlowPro with your collection solution to build a baseline of typical or optimal application performance. When connection performance becomes a problem, alarms can be triggered which link to reports that can provide details on whether the slow down was caused by the server, the client or even the network.

    The probe's flow level detail allows the root cause of the issue to be isolated quickly.  Since all connections are tracked by FlowPro and sent to the flow collector, network threats (such as viruses, scans, and other malware) can be uncovered. FlowPro empowers the IT staff to lower the Mean Time-To-Know (MTTK) and improve operational efficiencies within network operations.

  • FlowPro is a hardware-based, scalable, and purpose-built solution. As a FlowPro™ administrator, you have a low-cost easy to administer appliance using the embedded web interface.

    Form FactorStandalone1U Rack-Mount
    Management Ports1 Copper GbE
    Monitoring Ports3 Copper GbE7 Copper GbE
    Additional Optionsn/aGbE sfp expansion2 10GbE SFP+

    GbE sfp expansion
    Typical Monitoring ScenarioxDSLModerate Load GbE NetworkHeavy Loaded GbE or 10GbE Network
    Compatible Flow CollectorAll Major NetFlow Collectors

FlowPro™ is a virtual or hardware-based appliance. It passively listens to IPv4 and IPv6 traffic, creates flows, and then sends them off to the NetFlow and IPFIX collector at wire speeds.


FlowPro is a moderately-priced, small form factor computer with no moving parts and all neccessary software onboard, which makes it easy to administer via the embedded web interface.


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