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Visit us at RSA to see how Plixer + Existing SIEM = Modern SOC

If you are attending RSA 2020 in San Francisco at the end of February, we hope you to have an opportunity to stop by the Plixer booth (#1335 South Hall).  Plixer will be discussing the pillars of a modern SOC.  If you would like to stop in for a demo, let us know when you are available using the form below.

Plixer + SIEM = modern SOC

The effectiveness and efficiency of the SOC team vastly improve when data is integrated across three foundational technology pillars: SIEM, NTA, and End-device profiling, security, and visibility.

SIEM: SIEM is a well-established and mature technology that has been deployed as the foundation for most SOCs. It performs the important task of aggregating and correlating alarms and alerts from existing security platforms, but most organizations find the platform lacks the actionable data needed for investigation and incident response.

Network traffic analysis and historical forensics (Plixer): NTA collects, visualizes and reports on every digital conversation that runs across the network. Security algorithms monitor the data as it is collected to deliver advanced detection of security incidents.

End device profiling, security, and visibility (Plixer): End device profiling, security, and visibility enable organizations to know about, and secure every device that is connected to the network.